Grasplex project is self-funded by the founders since early 2014 and is the quintessence of our evolutionary approach for discovering patterns and concepts that enable technological breakthroughs not seen by others.

Grasplex is one-of-a-kind technology platform for distributed conversion of agricultural non-food biomass into feed, food, chemical products and bioplastics. The platform’s foundation is built on our proprietary Pentosane Hydrolysis PHOENIX* Technology.

PHOENIX is an acronym that stands for Primary Hydrolysis Operation and Extraction of Nutrient Inorganics and Xylose. It is a C5-selective continuous process with a low CapEx that overcomes the main challenge of handling biomass solids. The process takes place in a proprietary unit assembled from pre-fabricated mass-produced components, with capacity expansion achieved by adding individual units. Cellulose and lignin are not separated and can be used as a captive energy source. The process offers versatility for different biomass types, is tolerant to contamination by soil, and does not use undesirable chemicals such as organic solvents, oxidants, ammonia, alkali, or strong mineral acids. Minerals are recovered for reuse as fertilizers. C5 hydrolysate concentrate is converted to multiple products such as functional health food ingredients for glycemic response control and diabetes prevention, industrial chemicals and bioplastics. All key novel technology steps have been proven at lab/pilot scale. .

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Grasplex: C5 Chemistry Platform For Biomass Conversions

6th Biobased Chemicals: Commercialization & Partnering. November 16, 2015, San Francisco, CA  [View PDF]