Fertile soil and adequate water resources have a paramount importance now and for generations to come for producing abundant food supplies, for maintaining healthy natural ecosystems and for harvesting biomass for industrial products.

Current rate of global land degradation and desertification requires immediate attention and action from governments, local communities and technology providers.

We have hands-on experience in designing hydrogels with exceptional performance for water management, water and nutrient retention systems for precision agriculture, re-vegetation and geoengineering. We have recently developed hydrogels that combine longevity of performance with hard water tolerance in dry/swell cycles and employ a foundational chemistry that warrants eventual post-use degradability without risks of release of non-degradable polymer segments or toxic building blocks.

We have inimitable insights for redesigning hydrogels that exclude acrylic monomers for superabsorbents, and how to bring forward degradable polymer systems for manufacturing environmentally-responsible personal hygiene products, including baby diapers and hospital care goods, as well as for food packaging, cosmetics and other markets.