Mastering Biomass

Biomass is our planet's major renewable resource. Efficient and sustainable use of biomass is a prerequisite for a long-term prosperous future for human civilization. Advancement of humanity beyond the age of fossil carbon depends on the use of non-food agricultural biomass as the principal source of valuable “carbon ore”.

C5 carbohydrates of hemicellulose are the most accessible and the most undervalued major parts of non-food cellulosic biomass from agriculture and managed forestry. Our strategic choice and focus on hemicellulose allows us to part with the complexity and economic risks associated with large CapEx technologies for separation of cellulose from lignin. The simplicity of our disruptive C5-centered hydrolysis process and the proprietary hardware design permits the use of smaller optimally-sized equipment hence enabling distributed local biomass processing and downstream steps. This results in a dramatic reduction of biomass transportation costs from the point of origin to the point of primary processing and a staggered deployment of CapEx for ramping-up production. Our technology opens up new economics for conversion of biomass to benign-by-design animal feed, sustainable functional health food ingredients, and impactful industrial chemicals and materials.

Our economically attractive technology and identified product pipeline based on C5 carbohydrates creates the potential to double the economic output and earnings per acre using non-food biomass and bi-products streams of existing crop-production without calling for planting new land or increasing crop yields. Wide adoption of our technology will enable a non-incremental step toward sustainability of the world economy.