Select 2015 Presentations

Grasplex: C5 Chemistry Platform For Biomass Conversions

6th Biobased Chemicals: Commercialization & Partnering. November 16, 2015, San Francisco, CA 

A Roundtable Discussion: Biobased Innovations for the Coming Decade

This article was derived from a Plenary session at the 2015 BIO World Congress, July 21st, in Montreal, Canada. Moderator: Jim Lane. Participants: Olga Selifonova, Tom Beardslee, David Demirjian, Andras Forgacs.  [You will be re-directed to the publisher's site for ordering and downloading the transcript]

Select 2014 Presentations

Abstract for BIO Pacific Rim Summit Performance Plastics and the Mission for Bio - Based Polymers.

San Diego, December 7-9, 2014. Olga Selifonova* and Sergey Selifonov, Reluceo Holdings LLC. 

Ubiquitous use of modern plastics is associated with a recognized set of global problems related to their disposal, environmental recalcitrance, health risks and non-sustainable means of production. Nature offers many important clues for the technologists interested in design of sustainable bio-based industrial polymers with valuable functional features across the palette of thermal, mechanical and optical properties, as well as the environmental, health and other essential requirements. Incorporation of hydrolytically sensitive bonds, inclusion of well-placed non-aromatic ring structures, and complete avoidance of harmful or non-biodegradable building blocks become important tools in shaping the evolving concepts for the “benign by design” polymeric backbone structures. This approach offers a non-incremental path to enabling industrial processes with immediate use of the non-food cellulosic biomass sources available from worldwide agricultural practices. We will discuss our path to discovery, stringent project selection and development of performance plastics, functional polymers and polymer system components admissible for the sustainable production and use in the post-petroleum age

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